DimmidiSì launches “I Love Milano 2015”

On the occasion of the Universal Exhibition about food and nutrition which will soon take place in Milan, DimmidiSì launches its new salad I Love Milano 2015.
This ready to eat salad mix of curly endive, red radicchio and lamb’s …

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Fresh-cut salads for foodies

DimmidiSì – Le Stellate – “starred” salads – is the name of the new exclusive salad range from La Linea Verde. It features three original recipes, new ingredients, innovative combinations and eye-catching packaging. The new salad varieties for the salad …

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New from DimmidiSì: Salad bowl “Caprese”

The new prepared salad that has extended the brand's range of "I Piatti Unici"

DimmidiSì has extended its range of I Piatti Unici with its new “Caprese”: mixed baby leaf enriched with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls and flavoured croutons, all to be dressed with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt.

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The FIFA World Cup: DimmidiSì is rooting for Italy!

In order to mark this important sporting event, La Linea Verde has introduced its new limited edition "I Love Italia" product

In order to mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup, DimmidiSì has created the new I love Italia product to go along with its already comprehensive range of fresh bagged salads. Designed to express the brand’s support, together with the rest …

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Tris Filangè and Dolce Sinfonia

DimmidiSì - Fresco Raccolto, a complete range of fresh, sorted, pre-washed and bagged salads, has now been expanded to include two new products: Tris Filangè and Dolce Sinfonia

Tris Filangè by DimmidiSì is a julienne cut salad in which the unmistakable bitter taste of red chicory is blended perfectly with the sweetness of sugar loaf chicory, all flavoured with leek. The result is a delicious blend that goes …

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Announcing the arrival of “Fior di Foglia” by DimmidiSì

The brand is constantly aiming to extend its range of fresh bagged salads

The three products that make up DimmidiSì’s new Fior di Foglia line of fresh bagged salads are known as Gemma di Lattuga, Petali di Lattuga and Sinfonia Spumeggiante. Born from the research conducted every day in the field by La …

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DimmidiSì is rooting for our champions!

La Linea Verde has introduced its new limited edition "I Love Italia" product

In order to mark this exciting sporting event in February, DimmidiSì has introduced its new I Love Italia – Celebrating our Athletes salad, which comes on the heels of the enormously successful project by La Linea Verde dedicated to the …

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“L’Insalata delle Feste” by DimmidiSì

This limited edition Christmas themed salad has made its return to the refrigerated section of the produce department

DimmidiSì – L’Insalata delle Feste is back: the product designed to ride the emotional wave of the upcoming holidays. A mix of crunchy lettuce, packaged in a limited edition Christmas themed package. The packaging renders the product highly recognisable upon

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La Linea Verde introduces the fresh sandwich

With DimmidiSì, a sandwich becomes a fresh and tasty meal

La Linea Verde has launched the DimmidiSì Fresh Tramezzino Sandwich, a new and unprecedented product for this Manerbio-based company, which, in keeping with its philosophy of guaranteeing products of maximum freshness, is now seeking to extend its reach to …

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