The brand of guaranteed freshness.

The decision to be “freshness addicted” only makes sense if the consumer recognises the freshness of the end product in terms of quality, taste, aroma and flavour. That’s how it is with DimmidiSì: the brand is recognised as a freshness specialist.

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola

Fresh cold-pressed beverages by DimmidiSì

La Linea Verde offers a range of 7 fresh and thirst-quenching drinks, under the brand “DimmidiSì juicing”.  These cold-pressed fruit and vegetable beverages contain functional ingredients with specific properties. These new products wink at chromo-therapy: every beverage has its own colour, shiny and bright, thanks to the high-vitamin fruit and vegetables contained in it.

They are the result of a good and well-balanced  combination of fruit and vegetables, refreshing but also tasty.

7 cold-pressed beverages 100% veggie, 100% natural, free from flavourings, colourings and preservatives and without added sugar.

DIMMIDISì JUICING YELLOW DIGESTIVE Orange, lime and bergamotto
DIMMIDISì JUICING GREEN DETOX Fennel, green tea and kale  
Ginger and blueberry

DIMMIDISì JUICING PINK DIGESTIVE Pink grapefruit and lemon


Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable mixes (extracted in pulp or liquid). HPP treatment. Bottle: 250 ml.

Prepared Salads

DimmidiSì Prepared Salads consist of enriched salads, ideal for creating complete lunches that are healthy, ready-to-eat and, above all, fresh. In order to maintain their freshness, the individual ingredients, which are not vegetables, are contained in separate compartments.
For consumption on-the-go, they come complete with a fork, a napkin and a series of condiments.
In each bowl tasty croutons. 6 recipes: Greek Salad with Feta; Salad with chicken, olives and croutons; Salad with cherry tomatoes, olives and carrots; Salad with Grana Padano cheese, olives and croutons; Caesar Salad; Salad with aloe, goji berries and sunflower seeds.

Fresh Soups

DimmidiSì Fresh Soups are as good as homemade. They are prepared using fresh vegetables, with no preservatives or MSG. They are ready-to-eat, just heat them for three minutes (the bowl is microwaveable). They are all inspired by traditional Italian recipes.
Made with 100% vegetable products, with no additives, preservatives or artificial colours.
Bowls are microwaveable.
16 recipes: Asparagus cream soup; Vegetables cream soup; Leek and potato cream soup; Pumpkin and carrot cream soup; Chickpea cream Soup; Artichoke cream soup; Tomato cream soup ; Tomato and Lentils ; Chestnut and Porcini mushroom cream soup ; Kale and quinoa soup; Vegetable and cereal soup; Tuscan soup; Spelt with vegetables; Minestrone Soup; Beans and pasta soup; Cannellini and broccoli soup. 


DimmidiSì Salads include a wide range of fresh bagged salads and other products.

Fresh Vegetables ready to cook

An original range of fresh, sorted and washed vegetables that are ready-to-eat after being cooked: a quick and easy way to enjoy cooked vegetables more frequently.

Fresh-cut Fruit

DimmidiSì Fresh-cut Fruit is a range of convenient trays containing sorted, washed and sliced fresh fruit. The products come ready-to-eat, complete with a fork. Also available in family size formats. Pineapple; Coconut; Fruit Salad; Melon.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack

The DimmidiSì Fruit&Veg Snack is made up of fresh fruits or vegetables, all pre-washed, pre-sliced and ready-to-eat.
A natural and healthy alternative to traditional snacks. Baby Carrots; Coconut; Mixed Apples; Apples and Grapes.

Fresh Smoothies

DimmidiSì Fresh Smoothies are made from blended fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.
No preservatives or artificial colours. No added water, sugar or flavours. No concentrates.
Convenient portions of fruits and vegetables, ready to drink! Each bottle contains less than 75 kcal.
Wildberry; Orange & Carrot; Strawberry & Banana;  Mixed Fruits & Vegetables.150 ml format – single portion.

Fresh Squeezed Juice

DimmidiSì Fresh Squeezed Juice is 100% pure natural juice. Fresh squeezed citrus fruits, nothing else. No preservatives or artificial colours. No added water or flavours. No concentrates.
With its pleasant pulpy consistency, the product maintains all the flavour and aroma of freshly picked citrus fruits. Blood orange; Blonde Orange; Tangerine.
250 ml format – single portion.

Fresh Sandwiches

DimmidiSì Fresh Sandwiches are handmade and abundantly dressed, complete with fresh condiments and crisp lettuce. A decidedly new pleasure to be enjoyed!
The package even contains a convenient napkin.
4 recipes: Pink: cooked prosciutto and sautéed mushrooms; Green: veal in tuna sauce with capers; Red: turkey breast with red chicory cream; Yellow: yellow fin tuna with eggs.

Fresh Pasta and Side Dishes

Delicious fresh pasta and side dishes, with simple, authentic ingredients.
As good as homemade, extremely fresh, ready-to-eat and just need to be heated for three minutes. The bowls are microwaveable.
Current range: Pasta and Pesto, Spelt and Fantasy of Flavours, Venere black rice and Mediterranean flavours, Couscous and harmony of flavours, Quinoa and garden vegetables.

Fresh Broth

DimmidiSì Fresh Broth represents a true revolution in the kitchen: fresh broth, as good as homemade and ready-to-eat.
Prepared using fresh ingredients, with no preservatives, artificial colours or MSG. The product comes packaged in a convenient 750 ml resealable bottle.
Fresh vegetable broth and fresh meat and vegetable broth.

Fresh burgers

DimmidiSì fresh burgers are made with soy (no GMO) as main ingredient, combined with cereals, quinoa, vegetables, seeds and aromatic herbs.  A high protein product, 100% vegetable and free from preservatives. DimmidiSì fresh burgers are surprisingly crispy on the outside and firm on the inside and they are a real alternative to meat.