Made-in-Italy quality, to conquer the foreign markets.

Those who hesitate do not remain stationary: they are forced to turn back.

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola


An International Outlook

Our success abroad is sustained by investments in processes and structures aimed at ensuring exceptional product quality: in fact, our company is equipped with technologies that are capable of providing for significant competitive advantages in terms of freshness and healthiness, even with extremely delicate products like fresh bagged salads.

In Italy, La Linea Verde produces and markets fresh products with greater added value for the domestic market, as well as abroad, in nearby countries, Northern and Eastern Europe, also as a co-packer.

Thanks to Ortomad and its production of unwashed loose lettuce, which is mainly destined for export to Northern European countries, where the harsh climate prevents them from being grown for many months of the year, La Linea Verde has now become the largest European producer and exporter of baby leaf lettuce.

But the company does not only see the term “abroad” in terms of “exports“: in 2008, in fact, the company inaugurated the Spanish headquarters of La Linea Verde “ Vegetales Línea Verde Navarra” that supplies the Spanish and Portuguese markets. In 2017, through its Spanish company, La Linea Verde acquired the production site of Naturvega, a company of the Group Elaborados Naturales, specialised in the production of sauces, Russian salads and sandwiches.

The International development plan of the company includes also Eastern Europe, aiming at supplying countries in this area with high-quality products all year round. For this purpose, in 2017 La Linea Verde recently opened a production site for fresh-cut products in Serbia  “La Linea Verde doo Dobrinci” and a commercial office in Russia “Linea Verde Rus”.