About Us

La Linea Verde means: experience, innovation, quality and love for the land.

La Linea Verde means: farms, production sites for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and a refrigerated transport company. 

La Linea Verde means: the proprietary brand DimmidiSì and reliable co-packing services.

Our efforts are aimed at maintaining a business reality that will continue to grow in complete harmony with its surroundings, that is good for the community, and will continue to be so in the future, surviving well beyond the time of its founders

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola

The strength of an Italian agro-food group

The Group is headed by the brothers Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola, two entrepreneurs from Brescia who, over the course of little more than 20 years, and by exploiting the vast agricultural experience they had acquired since childhood, were able to render their company a national leader in the field of prepared bagged salads, and even went on to secure a leading position on the market of fresh ready meals and fresh beverages.
Today, La Linea Verde has become an important agro-food company that operates through 6 production facilities (two in Northern Italy, one in Southern Italy, one in Sardinia, one in Spain and one in Serbia), own farms and a proprietary refrigerated transport company . The company offers prepared bagged salads under the brand names of some of the largest retail chains, and produces fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, fresh meals and fresh beverages under the proprietary brand name of DimmidiSì.


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The top producer of baby leaf lettuce throughout Europe

Thanks to the agricultural company Ortomad, which is owned by the Group and is specialised in the cultivation of horticultural products and the processing of “unwashed loose lettuce”, La Linea Verde has also become the top producer of baby leaf lettuce throughout Europe.  Those who stay still will not preserve the same level, but will retrocede.

A reliable partner for the fresh-cut business

Thanks to their outlook and in-depth industry knowledge, the Battagliola brothers have succeeded in making La Linea Verde a leading co-packer for the fresh-cut market, or rather the ready-to-eat fresh fruits and vegetables sector, as well as a truly reliable partner for every large-scale retailer, both in Italy and abroad. The DimmidiSì brand was created in order to bring a burst of innovation to the refrigerated section of the produce department by broadening the range of available products and proposing new fresh products of greater added value. In fact, as a specialist in the fresh food industry, La Linea Verde offers the market a wide range of products prepared according to traditional Italian recipes, using only the freshest fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.

An organised and well-structured company

The company is continuously growing (in 2017 it registered a turnover of over €238 MIO, thus confirming the positive trend of recent years) and boasts a well-consolidated organisational structure: in fact, the organisation is extremely efficient and consists of an integrated network headquartered in Manerbio, near Milan, Italy, flanked by various production facilities located near the production zones of the raw materials themselves.

The Group’s internal staff is organised into qualified teams of professionals dedicated to specific activities, including research & development, quality assurance and control, sales, marketing, agronomy and logistics. This highly-efficient organisational structure has even been adopted at the Spanish headquarters, and constitutes a format in which the company firmly believes.