Our Values

Our four guiding values, which we pursue with passion are: Service, Innovation, Know-How and Quality.

We have always been dedicated to growth, driven by a thirst for knowledge, an insatiable curiosity, and a desire to act, build, and create. And we are likewise dedicated to conveying these same principles to our partners.

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola

360° service

Reliability, flexibility and punctuality. These are the characteristics that distinguish the staff at La Linea Verde. These are the qualities that have always allowed us to meet and often anticipate the market’s demands. This is evidenced by our constantly expanding portfolio of consolidated clients and partners, which includes some of Italy’s most important companies, who have always acknowledged the quality and reliability of our products.


This is what we believe in. Our commitment to innovation in the field of freshness is the true element that distinguishes us from our competitors, thus allowing us to become a driving force behind the market’s growth. We continuously and consistently invest in technologies designed to further our production processes, with a team of experts dedicated to research and development, continuously conducting agronomic research and constantly monitoring the market’s demands. That’s how DimmidiSì products have succeeded in being recognised as truly new and innovative, by leaving their mark upon the market, transforming it, and forcing it to grow alongside our own innovations.

Know how

Results are not obtained by chance. Our success is based upon 40 years of experience in the field of agriculture, and 25 years in the field of fresh products, which, together, have resulted in the establishment of an independent refrigerated logistics and transport company capable of serving both the domestic and foreign markets. Because expertise is a visible quality.


For us, quality is both the point of departure and arrival. The requirements to which we adhere in the cultivation of the raw materials are extremely stringent, the processes carried out at the factory production facilities are strictly controlled, and the final products are highly appreciated by consumers thanks to their exceptional qualitative characteristics. In short, quality is the driving force behind our business, from the field to the point of sale.
La Linea Verde has been awarded numerous certifications in relation to its production facilities, raw materials and production processes (Quality System – UNI EN ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard), Product Certification – Integrated pest management, DT 3 Certiquality, Product Certification – Organic agriculture, BioAgriCert, Traceability System – UNI EN ISO 22005, Environmental Certification – ISO 14001, Global G.A.P., Sedex Registration for Social Responsibility), thus bearing witness to the company’s commitment to ensuring maximum product quality and safety.
And it is precisely thanks to our high quality standards that we are capable of reaching distant foreign markets, where our products arrive fresh.