To offer fresh, prepared and high quality agricultural products.

Growing to continue to grow. This is our company’s strong belief: the company grows if its staff also continues to grow, and they grow if the company gives them the means to do so. Growth, therefore, in terms of both human resources and professionalism, is the company’s stated objective.

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola

Leadership in Italy and consolidation abroad

La Linea Verde brings prepared, fresh and high quality agricultural products to the tables of Italian consumers. And it succeeds in doing so largely thanks to its capacity for innovation (sustained by continuous investments), which represents the true driving force behind the company’s business endeavours. On the Italian market of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, the company’s goal is to establish itself as a benchmark for the main large-scale retail chains. Abroad, on the other hand, the company is dedicated to increasingly consolidating its position as a leading Italian producer of fresh-cut products, and aims to become a leading European-wide partner for the production of fresh ready-to-eat meals.

Photo: from left to right, Domenico and Giuseppe Battagliola.