Our History

A passion for agriculture, with a zeal for experimentation and innovation. Our history is one of individuals who have a profound love for the land and its produce.

An entrepreneurial company made up of people who, rather than merely a “group”, comprise a dedicated “team”, with some of its closest members forming what could easily be seen as a “family”. Having been born into and trained to operate the family business, we have learned all this and more, and we certainly have no intentions of letting up now that we’ve become such an important player on the market.

A history of values and innovation

The history of La Linea Verde has deep roots. It began a long time ago, with the agricultural passion and initiative spirit of Giovanni Battagliola, the father of Giuseppe and Domenico, as well as the immense moral strength of their mother, Orsolina. The Battagliola brothers grew up in an environment in which great importance was placed upon work, and had the good fortune of participating in their family’s agricultural and bird breeding activities, from which their own business idea eventually arose.

The choice of an original market

La Linea Verde’s current passion for innovation initially began with simple experimentation involving ingenious and imaginative empirical solutions for supplying fresh pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables to the market, which in the late 1980s represented an extremely original idea. This pathway of growth led the Battagliola brothers to become increasingly aware of the prepared bagged salad market’s possibilities for development.

The beginning of La Linea Verde

In this manner, when Giuseppe and Domenico established La Linea Verde in 1991, the company’s mission was extremely clear: to become leading players on the fresh-cut market.
The company grew quickly, and the Battagliola brothers had the foresight to realise that, in order to grow further, they would have to adopt a robust and comprehensive corporate structure. Thanks to this characteristic, which continues to make a significant difference to this day, the company’s investments remain focused not only upon production, but also the professionalism that the company is able to provide in-house. The R&D, Quality, Sales, Marketing and Logistics teams help their colleagues from the Production department with a synergy that immediately reveals the company’s potential, above all on a market where innovation and expertise represent the primary factors for success. La Linea Verde soon became a benchmark in the field of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable co-packing services, and went on to gradually overtake every major Italian brand in the large-scale retail sector.


Boasting a solid business structure and a good customer base, La Linea Verde was only lacking one thing at the start of the twenty-first century: its own brand. This led to the establishment of DimmidiSì in 2005, thanks to which the company was able to channel its capacity for innovation by launching a series of new products on the market: fresh soups, fresh fruit smoothies and fresh ready-to-eat side dishes, not to mention a wide range of fresh bagged salads. It’s a story that continues to this day.