Experience, passion, innovation and innovative communication.

In addition to creating new products, our innovation is also based upon a modus operandi that is characterised by the natural processing of exclusively fresh raw materials, as well as the guarantee of fast delivery in order to ensure respect for the cold chain. Thanks to this operating method, we have succeeded in creating a new category of products that we like to refer to as “Freshness derived from freshness”, or rather fresh products made using fresh raw materials.

Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola

A successful strategy

La Linea Verde has established and maintains a leading position on the Italian market, and continues to consolidate itself abroad by pursuing a diversified strategy designed to exploit the various skills and characteristics that the company has to offer: twenty years of accumulated know-how, a passion for agriculture, continuous process and product innovation, and the ability to communicate with its target market in new ways.

In Italy, the company has established the umbrella brand of DimmidiSì, through which it offers fresh prepared bagged salads and various other fresh products of exceptional added value (including chilled fresh soups and mashed potatoes, prepared salads with additional ingredients, cold-pressed juices and smoothies). With these products, in fact, the company has succeeded in creating new and flourishing markets, while at the same time continuously enhancing its business in the refrigerated section of the produce department in general. All this while constantly investing an increasing number of resources in strengthening its core business, namely that of co-packing for large-scale retail chains in the field of fresh bagged salads, both in Italy and abroad.