The Agricultural Supply Chain

A short supply chain designed to ensure maximum speed and freshness.


Freshness and quality are our defining characteristics. In order to continuously guarantee results of this calibre, the company only makes use of the best and freshest raw materials. We have a short and extremely well-organised supply chain made up of farms owned and operated directly by the La Linea Verde Group, as well as over 350 other qualified horticultural companies located throughout Italy, each of which has been specifically evaluated and selected. Many of these companies have grown alongside La Linea Verde over years, and have instilled partnerships based on mutual trust with the Battagliola brothers themselves.

Today, all the products offered by La Linea Verde and the supply chain boast integrated pest management certification, and the Group even guarantees pesticide residue levels at least 30% below the limits required by law. This goal has been rendered possible thanks to the sharing of agrarian culture and the creation of truly close relationships between La Linea Verde and the various companies that make up the supply chain: relationships so solid that they have spontaneously led to complete aggregation, thus resulting in an important nation-wide organisation of producers.


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