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La Linea Verde is an entrepreneurial company made of people who are not only a group, but a real “team” for whom the motto “Crescere per crescere” (“grow to develop”) represents a fundamental concept.

The firm grows if the people within the company, themselves, grow; at the same time, those people can grow if the company enable them to do so. It is a growth encouraged by thirst for knowledge, curiosity and desire to take action, create and share.  As we were born and grew up in a family owned company, we learnt all this firsthand, therefore we would like our employees to share this philosophy by actively participating in the fulfilment of a continuous progress.

Giuseppe Battagliola  e Domenico Battagliola

Why work with us?

La Linea Verde continues to grow. The company conquered the Italian market and it is establishing itself in a world leadership position also in foreign markets, through a diversified business strategy which can enhance the company’s competencies and characteristics, such as: know-how acquired over twenty years, passion for agriculture, constant product and process innovation, innovative ways of communication considered appropriate to different speakers.
Despite our fast growth, our values remain the foundation upon which we develop and strengthen our company culture, the sharing and contribution to implementing the corporate vision and enhance our common feeling of belonging to this group.


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Our selection process

When you work for La Linea Verde you become part of a company which is committed innovation and is constantly evolving. It prioritizes technological development and has a strong vision of its future as a business. La Linea Verde is searching for people who believe in teamwork in participation and in the sharing of responsibilities and ideas which are the foundation of any innovation.


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Our opportunities

La Linea Verde has always been keen to meet new people who aim to take part in the achievement of innovative and growth objectives, that is, highly professional people and dynamic young people willing to work in a team and motivated to learn constantly.

Linea Verde recruits through different channels, via its company database or high schools and universities, as well as social networks and spontaneous applications.

All persons interested can apply by filling in the online form in the dedicated area.


To apply, please send your cv to