Our selection process



When you work for La Linea Verde you become part of a company which is committed innovation and is constantly evolving. It prioritizes technological development and has a strong vision of its future as a business. La Linea Verde is searching for people who believe in teamwork in participation and in the sharing of responsibilities and ideas which are the foundation of any innovation.

Selection varies according to position and role.

Generally speaking



This is an “onsite” formation period and is an opportunity to come directly into contact with the working world. It is, to all effects, a chance to discover and/or confirm one’s “professional” vocation and working future. La Linea Verde’s experienced personnel will support all apprentices step by step.


All our processes, by definition and in implementation are constantly attoned. To the global principals of inclusivity which guarantee equal rights and respect to all people. Each candidate may ask for information regarding the positions and the company in order to make a knowledgeable choice. He will also be notified with respect to the interview results. The persons hired by our company will follow a training programme in which they will be introduced to our structure and to their role and given all supports necessary to achieve professional development.


To our way of thinking, confidentiality isn’t only the respect of privacy norms but is a further commitment to preserve and safeguard the dignity, rights and liberty of each and everyone. All information gathered during the selection and necessary study of our candidates will we be discreetly handled and filed away by means of highly advanced technological methods to guarantee confidentiality.

Any information/data will be gathered only and when written authorization is granted.