Fresh Bagged Salads

From the fields to the tables of Italian consumers: here’s how we operate.



Watch the video to find out more about the production of our Ready-to-eat Bagged Salads




La Linea Verde’s fresh, natural and tasty products also owe their quality to a production process based on a controlled and certified supply chain, which allows each product’s pathway to be traced from the field to the table.

On-site checks: the company’s controlled and certified supply chain is designed to trace the products’ complete pathway, from the harvesting of the raw materials to consumption. In addition to applying specific requirements and regulations, the Group’s expert agronomists attentively monitor every process in order to ensure exceptional product quality.

Cold storage of the raw materials: after harvesting, the raw materials are brought to the processing plant and are placed in an insulated and temperature-controlled area.

Cleaning and sorting: the cleaning and sorting phase involves the selection of the products that meet the quality requirements to be sent on to the subsequent processing phases. The heads of salad are manually cleaned by trained personnel, while the loose-leaf salad, in addition to being visually inspected by the operators, also undergoes a series of checks involving innovative infrared optical selectors.

Washing and drying: the product is washed repeatedly with potable water, and is then dried using either an air-based or centrifuge system, depending on the type of raw material.

Weighing and packaging: at this point the vegetables are weighed and packaged in a dedicated area of the facility, where their quality is ensured thanks to the use of modern technologies and specific precautions. A special high care zone has been established within the bagging area, which requires low temperatures to be maintained along with the application of more stringent hygiene controls. This zone employs the use of the continuous air sanitization process known as ionisation. The precautions that have been taken in order to ensure high product quality standards include the delimitation of the area, the assurance of low temperatures, and the presence of sanitized air. The packaging materials, all of which are recyclable, are designed to meet the storage requirements of the various types of specific products.

Automated product handling: thanks to the use of independent electric robots and a computerised registration system, the product handling operations have been automated. This helps to significantly improve the workflows, from the packaging of the product to its arrival in the loading area’s cold store, and even offers the possibility of performing frequent and high-precision computerised controls.

Picking: all the pallets are conveyed to the picking area. The main production centre features a 3,000 square metre logistics platform with 25 loading/unloading bays.

Transport: shortly after the packaging phase, all the products are transported, using refrigerated vehicles, either to the distribution platforms or else directly to the points of sale.

Quality controls: quality controls are performed during all the processing phases, and include numerous and continuous chemical, physical, microbiological and conformity tests carried out upon product samples. Furthermore, advanced systems for intercepting and eliminating any foreign bodies present have also been installed (such as Metal detectors, Filters, and visual checks).

Speed and freshness: the assurance of a “refrigerator-like” temperature throughout all the processing phases, as well as the speed with which they take place, ensures extremely fresh and high quality products.