The Greenhouses

Quality begins in the field.

le serre


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Safety, traceability and a short supply chain: these are the values that we at La Linea Verde cultivate at our Piana del Sele production facility… the place where our baby leaf salad is born.

Our baby leaf salad is grown in large greenhouses, where the humidity and temperature levels remain constant and our agronomic techniques satisfy extremely strict protocols in order to ensure the quality and compliance of the finished products.

The baby leaf salad is grown in fields that are protected and sanitised via pyroweeding, which uses fire to treat the soil and to stop weeds and pathogenic germs from developing.

The sowing machine, is capable of planting seeds according to uniform and pre-determined densities, thus optimising yield and guaranteeing the final product’s compliance with the product standards required by the customer.

Irrigation is performed using a spray process in order to ensure the uniform and non-invasive watering of the soil and the crops.

Harvesting is carried out using an electric machine of low environmental-impact in order to protect and safeguard the air, the soil, the crops and the workers.

The use of advanced technologies, the constant monitoring of the supply chain, and the skills and expertise of our collaborators allow us to work in complete harmony with the environment, thus safeguarding it against any potentially harmful industrial policies while at the same time consistently providing healthy, certified and traceable products.