Excellent products manually prepared by our professionals.


Watch the video to find out more about the Tramezzino Sandwich production process




Clean room production: the sandwiches are hand made by specialised personnel inside an ad hoc department equipped with a clean room, which guarantees maximum hygiene during their preparation.

Dressing: the slices of bread are automatically coated with butter. Afterwards, the fresh condiments are applied, all of which are created ad hoc for the specific product recipes. The other ingredients, on the other hand, are applied by hand, as are the upper slices of bread used to close the sandwiches.

Cutting: the sandwiches return to the line, where a special cutter gives them their characteristic rectangular shape and slices them into two equal halves

Packaging: two at a time, the sandwiches are placed inside trays and conveyed into a flow-pack machine (with a protective atmosphere), which guarantees maximum food hygiene and safety. Next, they are placed in paper bags with napkin, which are then labelled and arranged in boxes.

Transport: immediately after the packaging phase, all the products are transported, using refrigerated vehicles, either to the distribution platforms or else directly to the points of sale.

Quality controls: quality controls are performed during all the processing phases, and include numerous and continuous chemical, physical, microbiological and conformity tests carried out upon product samples. Furthermore, advanced systems for intercepting and eliminating any foreign bodies present have also been installed (such as Metal detectors, Filters, and visual checks).

Speed and freshness: the assurance of a “refrigerator-like” temperature throughout all the processing phases, as well as the speed with which they take place, ensures extremely fresh and high quality products.