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La Linea Verde lanza nuevas sopas de estilo asiático: ¡Efecto Wow garantizado!

Gusto d'Oriente DimmidiSì

3 new recipes inspired by Asian cuisine aimed at boosting the fresh soup market.

La Linea Verde, Italian leader in the production of bagged salads and fresh ready meals, presents its new range of Asian-style fresh soups. These new recipes ride the last upward trends and aim at widening our target, in particular young consumers. Indeed, these Asian style soups do not cannibalise the current chilled soup market but foster a new business, as they target a new consumer of chilled fresh soups.

This new line has been the result of a long work of research and studies. Our know-how as a leading fresh soup producer has been strengthened, through a close collaboration with specialised chefs and tests on consumers. In doing this, we have preserved the core values of our soups: naturalness, freshness, high-quality ingredients. So, we came up with original proposals inspired by Asian cuisines, giving importance to the right balance of flavours, as we, at La Linea Verde, usually do. This represents a turning point for the fresh soup Department -declares Andrea Battagliola, general Director of the Group.

The recipes are inspired by Japanese, Thai and Indian cuisines. They are prepared with genuine, premium and original ingredients and bring innovation in the Fresh Soup Department:

Tokyo soup: It is a typical tasty and flavoury Japanese dish. Seaweed Wakame combined with shiitake mushrooms, been sprout and tamari sauce amplify the Umami flavour, the fifth taste that humans possess.

Mumbai soup: This recipe is inspired by a typical South Indian soup. It is packed with chickpeas, properly spiced and slightly sweet. Coconut milk gives a creamy texture.

Bangkok soup: The Bangkok soup is a typical Thai soup with chicken, edamame beans, red lentils and spices. Spicy curry and bitter lime are combined together to create an interesting dish with contrasting flavours. A real gourmet experience you can’t forget.

The soups are offered in a microwavable glossy black bowl, which contains 350g of product, a rich single serving.
La Linea Verde is always committed to bringing innovation through the eyes of future consumers. So, the market is always new. And wow-effect is assured.