LA LINEA VERDE – Società Agricola S.p.A.

Our Values

Our Philosophy:
Grow to Grow

This is our philosophy

We have been growing, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to act and create. A positive energy, we have inherited from our parents, and today we convey to our people.

Giuseppe e Domenico Battagliola
our Founders

It is a vital concept

Our company grows as the people within it grow, motivated and nurtured in their careers.

Giuseppe e Domenico Battagliola
our Founders

It is a dynamic model

Experience grows thanks to the constant development of ideas and projects, thus expertise grows, a priceless value for future development.

Giuseppe e Domenico Battagliola
our Founders


The ambitious goal of the group led by the Battagliola family, is to be a valuable partner for the large-scale retail sector, within Italy and throughout Europe, in the production of “fresh and ready-made” products.


To offer consumers our innovative spirit, to promote healthy eating.

We do this by producing fresh and authentic agricultural products that provide high added value.


Experience, passion, innovation and investment.

Our business, which is mainly built around bagged salads and fresh soups, both conventional and organic, is focused on the chilled section in the large-scale retail channel and is divided between our DimmidiSì brand and our roles as co-packer for retailers.

Experience, innovation, investment, control of all agricultural and production phases, courage and passion.

These are the values and assets that have made our group the leader in the Italian fresh ready-made market and which allow us to achieve outstanding results in Europe through exports and our companies outside of Italy.