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Our Supply Chain

Our Certified and Controlled
Integrated Supply Chain

Traceability is the guarantee of quality and safety.

What does a “controlled supply chain” mean? It means that La Linea Verde monitors the entire supply chain to ensure total control of the product’s life cycle: from the sowing of the seeds to harvesting on the farm, processing at our production site and delivery to store.

This way of working is flanked by the controlled and certified supply chain system that allows us to track the entire production process of the product right through to delivery to the client, documenting all the intermediate stages.

For more than 15 years, our factories in Manerbio (Brescia) and Bellizzi (Salerno) have been certified UNI EN ISO 22005 (the certification for food supply chain traceability).

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The Agricultural Supply Chain

Our strength: a short and dynamic supply chain, the “Sole e Rugiada” O.P.

Sole e Rugiada is the Organisation of Producers (O.P.) that brings together the agricultural companies owned by La Linea Verde Group and more than 70 trusted partners, certified horticultural companies in Italy that share our agricultural culture.

The result of this solid, mutual relationship is the short, dynamic and traceable supply chain, complete with over 2,000 hectares of farmland, which guarantee the supply of ingredients required for our production sites all year long, while keeping the quality consistent.

All the agricultural products from the Sole & Rugiada O.P. are certified in accordance with the DT3 standard and grown following the principles of “integrated pest management production”. This choice allows us to ensure a level of residues from plant protection products that is 70% lower than the legally permitted maximum. We have been DT3 certified since 2002.

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Greenhouse and
outdoor farming

Our quality starts in the field

Serre umidità e temperature costanti La linea verde

constant temperatures and humidity

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Soil pest control:
using natural methods

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Irrigazione nebulizzazione. La filiera La linea verde

spray system

Raccolta macchina elettrica La linea verde

electrical machinery

Coltivazione 365gg anno. La filiera La linea verde

365 days/year

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The baby leaf salads are grown in greenhouses and the more resistant salad leaves are grown in protected fields: in the Sele plain, the perfect soil that gives life to our salads, the greenhouses keep the humidity and temperatures constant and the agricultural practices follow strict procedures. This is where our end product comes into existence, with guaranteed, controlled quality.

Natural pest control: from weed control to greenhouse crop rotation, we implement many sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices to protect the fruits of our land from weeds, harmful insects and other threats.

We grow our crops with care, from sowing to harvesting: after sowing, which is managed to guarantee the quality standards agreed with our clients, our baby salad leaves are irrigated by spraying them gently from above and, when the time is right, they are picked using electrical machinery that are gentle on our crops and respect nature and our staff.

The journey to our production site: after the picking, the ingredients are taken to our production site and stored in a special, refrigerated area at a controlled temperature. From there, the ingredients are prepared for processing and the salad leaves move on to the sorting and cleaning phase.

Constant controls, for quality salad: the advanced technologies, the constant control of the supply chain, and the expertise and experience of our employees allow us to work in harmony with the environment, protecting it from harmful industrial policies so as to offer a healthy, certified and traceable product at all times. In this way, we control and guarantee the entire pathway of the ingredients, from sowing to store.

Our Certifications

We have always chosen transparency

Loyal to our innovative spirit that always aims to offer only the best fruits from our land, over the years we have devoted the utmost attention to the quality of our work and we have certified every step along the entire supply chain, from field to sale. These efforts allow us to guarantee the best fruit and vegetables from our land every day, to the benefit of the environment and consumers.
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Quality Management System Standard

Global Standard for Food Safety

International Food Standard

Organic Production Certification

Product Certification

Traceability in the Feed and Food Chain Certification

Environmental Management System

Good Agricultural Practices

Good Social Management System

Subscription to and dissemination of ethical and sustainability principles