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Fresh Beverages

We produce 100% natural smoothies and juices that are free from preservatives and contain no added water.

Their secret lies in the delicious goodness of the ingredients and the delicate cold-press process, which is followed by High Pressure Processing (HPP) preservation. The result is fresh beverages that offer the pleasure of the fruit and vegetables with every sip.

We produce both organic and conventional, products with our DimmidiSì brand and as a co-packer.

The types of packaging available for these products are PET bottles in various sizes. All our packaging is recyclable.

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Ingredient selection


Cold press process

La linea verde bevande fresche


Bottle filling


HPP treatment

La linea verde bevande fresche


Movement of goods and transport

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La linea verde bevande fresche

Ingredients: to prepare our fresh beverages, only the best fruit and vegetables are selected.

La linea verde bevande fresche
Cold press process: this is a delicate “pressing”, process that allows us to best preserve all the properties of the fruits and vegetables used.
La linea verde bevande fresche
Bottle filling: the bottles, which are made from recyclable materials, are immediately filled and sealed in an ultra-clean department that is extremely sanitary with an elevated hygiene level under strict control.
La linea verde bevande fresche

HPP treatment: Once bottled, the beverages undergo a High Pressure Processing (HPP) preservation treatment. This process allows us to extend the shelf-life of the fresh product, while preserving its sensory and nutritional qualities.

Icona trasporto merci La Linea Verde
Transport: a little after the packaging stage, all products are prepared for transport in the large refrigerated logistics area complete with several loading bays, ready to leave in refrigerated vehicles to the distribution platforms or directly to stores.