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Fresh-Cut Produce

Fresh-cut produce represents our core business and our expertise in this area is our forte. We produce our products with our DimmidiSì brand and as a co-packer.

We offer crunchy and tender salads, ready to cook vegetables and crudités, all from our short, certified and integrated agricultural supply chain. Our mixed salads complete the range, which are available in a wide range of materials.

Thanks to our agricultural supply chain, ingredients are available all year round, while keeping quality consistent.

We have products that are the result of farming that uses integrated pest management, and organic farming, as well as conventional farming.

The main types of packaging available are pillow bags, flowpacks, and heat-sealed bowls and tubs in small and large sizes. All our packaging is recyclable.

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Raccolta Insalata filiera Dimmi di Sì La linea verde



Celle ricevimento materia prima DimmidiSì


Ingredient storage room

Mondatura e cernita filiera La linea verde


Cleaning and sorting

Lavaggio e asciugatura filiera La linea verde


Washing and drying

Pesatura e confezionamento La linea verde


Weighing and packaging

Movimento merci e trasporto La linea verde


Movement of goods and transport

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Il controllo in campo la linea verde
Controls in the field: the controlled and certified short agricultural supply chain, has been designed to track the journey of the product from the cultivation of the ingredient to the table. Procedures with precise rules are implemented and the Group’s agronomists monitor to ensure a premium quality product.
Celle di ricevimento della materia prima La linea verde
Ingredient storage room: after harvesting, the ingredients are taken to the processing plant and stored in a insulated and refrigerated area, at a controlled temperature.
La mondatura/cernita La linea verde
Cleaning and sorting: during the cleaning and sorting stage, specialised personnel select the best produce by hand.
Il lavaggio e l’asciugatura la linea verde

Washing and drying: the product is washed several times in tanks, strictly with clean drinking water and nothing else. Afterwards, they are dried carefully, either using a centrifuge or drying tunnel, before going on to the packaging stage.

Pesatura e confezionamento la linea verde Insalate in busta

Weighing and packaging: in the high care area at low temperatures and under strict hygiene controls, the vegetables are weighed and packaged. The packaging materials, which are all recyclable, have been designed to best preserve the specific types of produce with exceptional shelf life results for the fresh cut sector.

Il trasporto filiera produttiva La linea Verde
Transport: a little after the packaging stage, all products are prepared for transport in the large refrigerated logistics area complete with several loading bays, ready to leave in refrigerated vehicles to the distribution platforms or directly to stores.