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DimmidiSì prepared salads win the “Voted Product of the year 2017” award

I Piatti Unici DimmidiSì sono prodotto dell’anno 2017

The award ceremony was held in Milan on Thurday 16th March


On 16th March DimmidiSì took part in the Award Show of “Voted Product of the Year 2017” in Milan. The Marketing and Innovation award “Voted Product of the Year” was presented to 50 products, as the result of preferences expressed by 12000 consumers, members of the IRI survey panel.


La Linea Verde, a leading Italian agro-alimentary company specialised in the fresh‑cut and fresh ready-meal food sectors, won the award “Voted product of the year 2017” in the category “Ready Salads” with its range of “DimmidiSì Prepared Salads”. These are on-the -go salads in bowl (cutlery kit, napkin and dressing included), suitable for a light, healthy and, above all, fresh meal. Four original recipes launched in 2016 contributed to the victory. Two of them are wellness salads, based on the consumption of seeds, berries and nuts: Salad with cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts and Salad with Aloe, goji berries and sunflower seeds. The two other recipes were thought to meet consumers’ needs of high protein food: Greek salad with Feta and Salad with surimi, baby tomatoes and croutons. Moreover, the pack has been renewed with a modern twist and is now more transparent to enhance the ingredients inside it. Different colour codes are also used according to the kind of salad.

We are honoured with this award also because it is the result of consumers’ wants – claims Andrea Battagliola– after all, market figures confirm these products are appreciated. As a matter of fact, DimmidiSì is the leader in the market of Prepared Salads, which is worth 20 million€ and is growing. We think this success is also supported by our strong belief in innovation and our ability of understanding and, in some cases, anticipating the trends of a food sector that is more and more wellness-oriented. In fact, La Linea Verde invests in product and process innovations in order to always be at the forefront and offer high-quality products.

In the course of this year the “Voted product of the year” logo will be included in the layout of the pack and will contribute to gain even more trust with our consumers.


*Market research PdA© made by IRI in January 2017, based on a pre-selection of innovative products sold in Italy voted by 12000 adult consumers. cat. Insalate Pronte.