LA LINEA VERDE – Società Agricola S.p.A.


Fresh cold-pressed beverages by DimmidiSì

Arrivano gli estratti freschi firmati DimmidiSì

La Linea Verde has recently launched a range of 5 fresh and thirst-quenching drinks, under the brand “DimmidiSì juicing”.  These cold-pressed fruit and vegetable beverages contain functional ingredients with specific properties. These new products wink at chromo-therapy: every beverage has its own colour, shiny and bright, thanks to the high-vitamin fruit and vegetables contained in it.

They are the result of a good and well-balanced  combination of fruit and vegetables, refreshing but also tasty.

The range includes 3 sub-categories:  Sì al Relax (say “yes” to relax) with the recipe “Green Detox”; Sì all’Equilibrio (say “yes” to balance)  with   “Yellow Digestive” and “White Tonic”; Sì allo Sprint (say “yes” to sprint)  with “Red Vitality” and “Blue Energy”. 5 cold-pressed beverages 100% veggie, 100% natural, free from flavourings, colourings and preservatives and without added sugar.


DIMMIDISì JUICING YELLOW DIGESTIVE Orange, lime and bergamotto

DIMMIDISì JUICING GREEN DETOX Fennel, green tea and kale

DIMMIDISì JUICING BLUE ENERGY Blueberries and ginger

DIMMIDISì JUICING RED VITALITY Pomegranate and beetroot



Cold-pressed fruit and vegetable mixes (extracted in pulp or liquid). HPP treatment. Bottle: 250 ml.