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Fresh Ready Meals

In 2006, we created the fresh soup market in Italy and we are still the leader today, both with our DimmidiSì brand and as a producer.

We offer a wide range of fresh ready dishes that are extremely convenient: soups, cold dishes and sides.

They are all extremely fresh products, that have not been pasteurised and are prepared strictly without preservatives and only make use of minimum technological input. Our aim is to create delicious, natural recipes that taste like they are home-made.

We produce both organic and conventional, products with our DimmidiSì brand and as a Co-packer.

The types of packaging available for these products are heat-sealed bowls and cups in various sizes. All our packaging is recyclable.

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Selezione ingredienti piatti pronti La linea verde


Ingredient selection

Area cottura piatti pronti La linea verde


Cooking area

Riempimento ciotole. Filiera zuppe La linea verde


Bowl filling

Raffreddamento primi piatti filiera La linea verde



Confezionamento e pallettizzazione filiera La linea verde


Packaging and palletisation

Movimento merci e trasporto Filiera La linea verde


Movement of goods and transport

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Scelta ingredienti la linea verde
Ingredients: to prepare our ready meals, fresh vegetables are selected from our fresh-cut processing department.
Area cottura filiera produttiva DimmidiSì
Cooking area: a cooking process that is very similar to how it would be made at home, yet on an industrial scale, prepared in huge “pots”, which make products with superior sensory qualities, with the flavour, scent and consistency of home-made dishes.
Riempimento ciotole filiera produttiva La Linea Verde

Bowl filling: the bowls, which are made from recyclable materials, are immediately filled when hot and then heat-sealed in an ultra-clean department that is extremely sanitary with an elevated hygiene level, under strict control.

le zuppe vengono velocemente raffreddate per preservare le proprietà organolettiche
Cooling: straight after, the packaged product is quickly cooled to preserve the sensory qualities of the soups and extend their shelf life.
Area Confezionamento e pallettizzazione filiera produttiva DimmidiSì
Packaging and palletisation: in a separate area from the plant, the heat-sealed bowls are covered in cardboard and placed on pallets.
Piatti pronti Filiera La linea verde
Transport: a little after the packaging stage, all products are prepared for transport in the large refrigerated logistics area complete with several loading bays, ready to leave in refrigerated vehicles to the distribution platforms or directly to stores.