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The Minister of Agriculture visits the Serbian production site of the group “La Linea Verde”

The Minister of Agriculture visits the Serbian production site of the group “La Linea Verde”

The Serbian Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic and Matthias Claivaz, chief of the Economic office of the Italian Embassy in Belgrade visited ‘La Linea Verde doo Dobrinci’ on2ndNovember. “La Linea Verde doo Dobrinci” is the Serbian production site of the group “La Linea Verde”, leader in the production of bagged salads and chilled soups in Italy. The new site for the production of fresh-cut salads is situated in Ruma (Northern Serbia) in the plains of Vojvodina. The provincial Secretary for Agriculture Vuk Radojevic, and the mayor of Ruma, Sladjan Mancic were also present.


The Minister Nedimović highlighted the importance of a partnership between La Linea Verde and the farmers of the land around the production site. In fact, the same format of “La Linea Verde Italia” is applied in Serbia: this means a guaranteed monitoring of the entire supply chain and a total control of the product’s life cycle: from seeding and harvesting at the farms (also in our own state-of-the-art greenhouses), through the production site process, right up to delivery service.


In this occasion, “La Linea Verde doo Dobrinci” was officially granted 99 hectares of State Agricultural land. The news about the licence, which will last30 years, was communicated directly to the company owner, Giuseppe Battagliola, by the Serbian Authorities.


“In addition to the 70 people already working “in La Linea Verde Doo”, the owners are going to hire other 80 people, including seasonal workers – declared the mayor Mancic. – This will be a great opportunity for the people who live around Ruma”.


“We want to thank the Local authorities that honoured us with their visit and all the people who worked on our strategy of expansion in Serbia.  “Keep on growing”: here is our watchword!  Serbia is the cornerstone of the project “Eastern-Europe” that allows us to foster commercial relationships with all the Eastern countries, from Balkans to Russia“, declared Giuseppe Battagliola.



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