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DimmidiSì Fresh Soups win the “Product of the year 2016” award and go back on TV

DimmidiSì Fresh Soups win the “Product of the year 2016” award and go back on TV

Product of the year 2016 and go on tv

The company will relaunch an advertising campaign from the end of February

DimmidiSì Fresh Soups will be back on TV from the end of February. Through an advertising campaign that gives high visibility to DimmidiSì brand, La Linea Verde carries out its advertising activities that started in 2015 with a bill posting campaign. The company focuses on its most famous products: the Fresh Soups. With a leading position in the reference market DimmidiSì fresh soups have always been the most appreciated by consumers. As a matter of fact, DimmidiSì Fresh Soups won the “Product of the year 2016” award. DimmidiSì Fresh soups were launched in 2006 and created a new market that is now 52 million worth. This is a business that has been increasing the turnover of the Fresh produce department. During the last ten years DimmidiSì Fresh Soups have always maintained a leading position in this sector. A successful performance, strengthened by the fact that DimmidiSì Fresh Soups won the “Product of the Year” 2016 award. This prestigious award is the result of preferences expressed by 12000 consumers. Moreover, the award has also been the result of the most important consumer survey of product innovation in Italy. The company is very proud of this award and in the course of this year the “Product of the year” logo will be included in the layout of the pack. Thanks to this great award, La Linea Verde looks at 2016 in a positive way and expects the new advertising campaign to bring the same results as in 2015, when during the TV advertising Fresh Soup sales grew 50% compared to the same period of 2014.

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