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Fresh DimmidiSì soups in the spotlight again

Fresh DimmidiSì soups in the spotlight again

Tv advertising and packaging restyling

The Italian Group La Linea Verde, leader in the production of fresh-cut and fresh ready-to-eat meals, continues investing on the brand, as it showed last spring by placing DimmidiSì bill posts near main Italian retailers’ stores.

The company has been planning a substantial investment in TV advertising of Fresh DimmidiSì Soups and has similar plans for the beginning of 2016 too. Our aim- claims Andrea Battagliola– commercial director at La Linea Verde- is to increase DimmidiSì product brand notoriety and its consumption among Italian families, as well as to enhance the always more promising business of ready-to-eat fresh products.

Big news also for the “DimmidiSì Fresh Soups” range, which pack has just been restyled. Being simpler to read and giving clear information about the product , the new pack has great a visibility on shelves, it is more appealing and stimulates the impulse purchase. Moreover, from now on it will be easier to open, since the top film can be easily pulled away by hand. This will be surely appreciated by consumers from November, when the new packs will be on sale.

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