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Fast Farm to Fork - La Linea Verde

The Italian company’s aim is to focus on the quality of the finished product, thanks to skilful integration between crop farming and industry. Digital transformation, new, cutting-edge machinery and sustainability are the cornerstones of the operation.

La Linea Verde has planned an investment of €25 million for a new three-year plan (2021/2023) it has named “Fast Farm to Fork”. Dedicated to the group’s factories, the project aspires to forge strongly ahead towards Agriculture & Industry 4.0 and sustainable production processes, with the aim of boosting the quality of the finished product and the efficiency of the supply chain, consolidating the group’s most important production area, fresh-cut salads.

The investments will be used mainly for the purchase of systems and software designed to allow for greater process automation and digitalisation.

In addition to the acquisition of interconnected software and innovative, latest-generation machinery, the “Fast Farm to Fork” project also includes extensive efforts with a view to guaranteeing sustainability:

  1. Maximum respect for the raw materials
    The new production layout makes the very most of agricultural produce, with a process that is flexible and adaptable to the specific characteristics of the raw materials. This results in a high-quality finished product.
  2. Maximum reduction in food waste
    The new production process allows for more efficient planning, and thus has a positive impact on reducing food waste.
  3. Further reduction in water consumption
    Over the last five years, La Linea Verde has achieved an 18% reduction in the amount of water required for its production processes; in the next three years, consumption will be reduced by a further 20%, also thanks to the recovery of part of the water used for washing the fresh-cut salads, which will be re-used for non-food purposes in other departments.   
  4. Self-produced energy
    The company has installed a trigeneration plant that allows for partial energy production in loco, increasing the amount of self-produced energy by 58%.

“We see innovation as synonymous with change, based on both an improvement in product quality and the efficacy of the system, accompanied by increased sustainability”, says Andrea Battagliola, General Manager of La Linea Verde.  “Today, more than ever, when it comes to all our processes, this means focusing on what we hold dearest: making the most of the agricultural produce and a profound respect for our land.

Achieving this goal is a priority for us, because it will also allow us to become more competitive, boost productivity and improve our performance in the export of Italian farming produce. The plan will comprise a complete renewal of our production layout, making it a forerunner: at La Linea Verde, the future is now. This is a superb way to celebrate 30 years in business”.

The new plan is just the latest move by La Linea Verde, a company that in 30 years has succeeded in reaching the top of the fresh ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable and fresh plant-based ready meals sector, helping to innovate it thanks to its intuition and experience.

“Research and innovation are a constant, everyday feature of our company and our family”, concludes Domenico Battagliola, CEO of La Linea Verde. – Starting with what we inherited from our father, we have constructed a business project that season after season is moving in the direction of solidity, a principle that characterises our vision of growth.