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La Linea Verde at Fruit Logistica


The company will be presenting the international market with new sustainable packaging solutions developed as part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility project.
Meanwhile, the Group has closed 2019 with an estimated turnover of € 330 million

Berlin, 5-6-7 February 2020 | Hall 6.2, Stand C-03

La Linea Verde takes part in Fruitlogistica once again, this time in Hall 6.2. Closing 2019 with an estimated turnover of € 330 million, up 10% compared to 2018, the Battagliola family Group will show International buyers the new solutions developed as parts of their new Corporate Social Responsibility plan. As a matter of fact, La Linea Verde has recently embarked on a structured CSR project, aiming at enhancing and systematising the many actions the company has already adopted in the past, those currently under way and those it plans to implement in the future, by pursuing the sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN 2030 Global Agenda.
Specifically, the move towards increasingly sustainable packaging will be represented by the preview offered to international operators of DimmidiSì “Un Sacco Green”, the range of fresh salads packed in new biodegradable, compostable bags.
Thanks to the innovative biodegradable, compostable plastic they are made of , “Un Sacco Green” bags have a milky-white appearance that stands out on the shelf. This clear difference tells the consumer that the bag should be placed in the organic waste bin for separate collection, since after disposal it is destined to become compost.

“Un Sacco Green” bag offers the environment a practical helping hand, representing our “green” company philosophy, which has always promoted a respectful, natural, genuine approach. Our business was founded by farmers driven by a strong love for the land and by a consistently innovative approach that today takes the shape of new, sustainable packaging”, explains Andrea Battagliola, General Director of La Linea Verde.

So from 5th to 7th February, the Group’s management will be present at the company stand (Hall 6.2, Stand C-03) to show new developments, consolidate and create new relations with buyers from major retail chains operating on markets of particular interest.