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La Linea Verde introduces the fresh sandwich

La Linea Verde introduces the fresh sandwich

With DimmidiSì, a sandwich becomes a fresh and tasty meal

La Linea Verde has launched the DimmidiSì Fresh Tramezzino Sandwich, a new and unprecedented product for this Manerbio-based company, which, in keeping with its philosophy of guaranteeing products of maximum freshness, is now seeking to extend its reach to include other mass retail departments besides produce, for which it has become a market leader. Absolute freshness and ingredients of exceptional quality: these are the fundamental characteristics underlying these new products, which are expected to change the way consumers see the sandwich. With DimmidiSì, in fact, a tramezzino sandwich becomes a fresh and tasty meal. A product that, already at first glance, with its packaging and particular shape, deserves premium positioning. The Fresh Tramezzino Sandwich, in fact, features a highly innovative style of packaging, a bread-crust coloured paper bag, like that of a bakery, thus evoking an element of daily freshness. The product is nevertheless also sealed inside an additional transparent bag in order to ensure maximum hygiene and food safety. DimmidiSì fresh sandwiches are rectangular in shape, are abundantly filled and are all enriched with crispy lettuce as a sign of their absolute freshness. The condiments are all fresh and created ad hoc using specific recipes, while the bread, which also represents a unique and exclusive ingredient, has been carefully selected for its flavour and softness, and is available, based on the recipe, in different versions. DimmidiSì fresh sandwiches are handmade in a new dedicated department equipped with a clean room, in order to ensure maximum hygiene during the products’ preparation. In an evocative play on colours, the original names that have been given to the DimmidiSì fresh sandwiches clearly distinguish the four different products: Rosa Shocking cooked prosciutto and sautéed mushrooms; Verde Smeraldo veal in tuna sauce with capers; Rosso Scarlatto homegrown turkey breast with red chicory; Giallo Oro yellow fin tuna with homegrown eggs. Once again, therefore, La Linea Verde has decided to place all of its focus upon innovation and quality: a distinctive entrepreneurial approach with which the company led by the brothers Giuseppe and Domenico Battagliola has succeeded in revolutionising the fresh produce market over the years, even going so far as to create new segments, such as the DimmidiSì fresh soups. The company’s specific know-how and numerous years of expertise in the fourth range sector of fresh ready-to-eat meals provide a certain guarantee of this new project’s success, which is also aimed at bringing to Italy a premium product that is already available on foreign markets.

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