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La Linea Verde receives the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award for sustainability

La Linea Verde receives the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award for sustainability

La Linea Verde has been one of the seven companies to receive the “Coop beyond Kyoto” award, an important mention given by Coop to its private label suppliers. La Linea Verde was awarded for its fight against waste. Several aspects were analyzed during the selection of the companies: from water savings to reduction of raw material during production processes, from packaging consumption to waste recycling for biogas production. But also the search for alternative sale channels for those products that cannot be sold on shelves was taken into account.

Giovanni Roncareggi, Quality Director at La Linea Verde declared: we are really proud of this mention, we have received for the first time. Our company has been working on this project for many years. This special award recognizes the great work carried out by our staff.

Among the actions aimed at reducing waste, La Linea Verde uses salad waste for the production of biogas or animal feed.

Concerning energy and water savings, La Linea Verde’s Research and Development Dpt, Maintenance Dpt and Logistic Dpt are working to improve these aspects: “In this sense we are working to reduce energy dispersion and increase efficiency of machinery and logistic system.“

In conclusion, Coop evaluated also packaging optimization and its recycling in terms of garbage collection for the consumer.

The award was given by Coop Food Commercial Director Alessandro Mazzoli within an event organised at Expo Milan 2015 on 19th October 2015.