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“L’Insalata delle Feste” by DimmidiSì

"L'Insalata delle Feste" by DimmidiSì

This limited edition Christmas themed salad has made its return to the refrigerated section of the produce department

DimmidiSì – L’Insalata delle Feste is back: the product designed to ride the emotional wave of the upcoming holidays. A mix of crunchy lettuce, packaged in a limited edition Christmas themed package. The packaging renders the product highly recognisable upon the shelf by evoking a classic Christmas present, complete with snowflakes and even a greeting card.
The initiative, which aims to reaffirm the success of the previous year, comes upon the heels of a series of emotional marketing investments made by La Linea Verde, and is part of the unusual and innovative strategy for the target market initiated by the brand in 2011 with the extremely successful Italian Flag Salad by DimmidiSì, which continued with a number of other themed initiatives, and most recently culminated with the DimmidiSì – I Love Italia project, dedicated to the Italian spirit.