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The FIFA World Cup: DimmidiSì is rooting for Italy!

The FIFA World Cup: DimmidiSì is rooting for Italy!

In order to mark this important sporting event, La Linea Verde has introduced its new limited edition “I Love Italia” product

In order to mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup, DimmidiSì has created the new I love Italia product to go along with its already comprehensive range of fresh bagged salads. Designed to express the brand’s support, together with the rest of Italy, for the national football team during this year’s World Championship in Brazil, the bag features the colours of the Italian flag with a large football in the foreground.
This new DimmidiSì salad is part of the brand’s innovative emotional marketing project, which was successfully launched by La Linea Verde in 2011 with the Insalata del Tricolore (the “Italian Flag Salad”), designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification. Yet another confirmation of the brand’s continuous investments in this field, which focuses upon the consumer’s sensitivity by proposing products that will motivate and encourage them to make purchases.
Furthermore, thanks to the project dedicated to Italian spirit, La Linea Verde has succeeded inincreasing the appeal of the refrigerated section of the produce department, with a consequent improvement in innovation, originality and sales.

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