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Tris Filangè and Dolce Sinfonia

Tris Filangè and Dolce Sinfonia

DimmidiSì – Fresco Raccolto, a complete range of fresh, sorted, pre-washed and bagged salads, has now been expanded to include two new products: Tris Filangè and Dolce Sinfonia

Tris Filangè by DimmidiSì is a julienne cut salad in which the unmistakable bitter taste of red chicory is blended perfectly with the sweetness of sugar loaf chicory, all flavoured with leek. The result is a delicious blend that goes particularly well with meat dishes.
Dolce Sinfonia by DimmidiSì, on the other hand, is a sweet and crunchy mix of fresh iceberg lettuce with the contrasting flavours of corn salad and red chicory.

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